Thursday, July 30, 2020

Rainbow Wall: Nevermore!

Originally, this post was supposed to be a celebration of this gorgeous rainbow dress but, instead, I am turning it into a eulogy for my beloved rainbow wall! (Don't worry, the wall is still around but I won't be using it anytime soon, as you will discover if you read on!)

I have been taking pictures at this location for years since the mural was first created by an artist who goes by the name of RISK. Aside from being absolutely gorgeous (it spans the length of an entire parking lot, so these pictures don't even do it justice!), this mural is a favorite of mine for several other reasons. First, because of all of the colors, it goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe! Second, it's located in Pasadena, which is quite close to me compared to Santa Monica or West Hollywood where most of the other fabulous murals are located in the greater Los Angeles area. Needless to say, I have taken countless of photos here with my husband so it's also become sort of a special, sentimental spot as well.

Last year, a few people on Instagram complained that they came to this spot to take pictures and security guards crept out of nowhere and told them they couldn't take any pictures. I always thought I was lucky because I had never encountered any such issues and continued to use this location. Well, last week my luck ran out! This mural is located in the parking lot of an art college and the school is no longer in session due to the pandemic. While this would ordinarily be a good thing because I didn't have to worry about cars blocking the mural, unfortunately it was quite obvious that we were there to take pictures. Additionally, there seemed to be beefed-up security on the premises. Thus, we quickly asked to leave by them. (In their defense, the security guards were very polite about the matter!)  Well, to make a long story short, taking photos at this mural was a good run while it lasted! Maybe in the future, once the pandemic has passed and the school reopens, I will try my luck again. For now, however, at least I have lots of fun pictures and memories at this colorful location!

Dress: Alice + Olivia here
Shoes: J. Crew similar gold sandals here
Bag: J. Crew Factory similar clutch
Sunglasses: Celine similar white sunglasses here

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  1. Aw that sucks about the mural! I'm so surprised they would care / stop people from taking photos! At least you have lots of gorgeous pictures here though! This dress especially - so cute!
    Lee | LegalLee Blonde

  2. Great colors. Great photo. Thanks for sharing your colorful style with my readers!

  3. So pretty, Katie! And I am sorry that security kicked you out! But now you have new photos at this wall!



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