Thursday, April 9, 2020

My Headband Habit

This winter, I said I would only get a couple of these turban knot style headbands. Well, buying one or two turned into six or seven and, to be honest, I kind of became addicted! Well, I'm back at this headband obsession for spring and the good news is that the headbands for spring are even cuter than the ones for winter, in my opinion! I am especially loving gingham headbands, including the cute pink one that I am sporting below. It instantly makes a plain, casual outfit, like this grey sweatshirt, look super cute!

Wearing a headband is also perfect for what we are all going through right now regarding staying at home and sheltering in place. First of all, if you have to do a Zoom meeting, it's an easy way to look cute and put together from the shoulders up with pretty much no effort! Also, because there is no going to the salon, everyone's hair is a mess! Headbands are a good way to cover up or distract from the fact that maybe your roots are showing or, in my case, your bangs have grown out! (I was right on the verge of needing to get a haircut before all of this happened, so there's no telling what my hair will look like after this is all over!) So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that now is the perfect time to become addicted to headbands! Below are a handful of my favorites for spring or to start or to continue your addiction!


  1. These headbands are really cute!

  2. Katie, I love all of these adorable headbands and how cute is the pink gingham one with your NYC sweatshirt! I can’t wear headbands because I get a headache within a few minutes. Even the elastic ones give me a headache. But I sure do think they look cute on other people.



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