Thursday, February 6, 2020

Romantic Details

Whenever I take photos in this particular location, especially when the camellias are in full bloom, I always feel like I am on the set of either The Bachelor or Romeo and Juliet. I guess there's just something romantic about the place, especially with the flowers, the creeping vines, and the stone walkway. Once, the walkway was wet after the rain and it really looked like the first episode of each season of The Bachelor when the girls get out of the cars and, for some unnatural reason, the driveway is always wet. There are romantic details in this outfit as well, especially in this tulle and sequin top. Usually, I associate both tulle and sequins with Christmas and New Years but both definitely work for Valentine's Day as well! Actually, I would argue that they work anytime of the year!

Even though both tulle and sequins are dressy, I decided to go the casual route with this particular outfit. I paired the top with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans to tone down the look. I also decided to go with flats, although these leopard flats do have bows, so that makes them both a little dressy and little romantic too! Last of all, for a pop of color, I opted for my quilted Chanel bag that just happens to be the perfect match for the camellias. This is also appropriate given that the camellia flower is synonymous with Chanel. Rumor has it that it was Coco Chanel's favorite flower which is why it appears on their handbags, brooches, clothing, and packaging. And speaking of romantic details, the reason camellias were her favorite flower was because her polo playing boyfriend gave her a bouquet of them! I guess that's a perfect, romantic factoid in anticipation of Valentine's Day!

Top: J. Crew here
Jeans: Old Navy similar boyfriend jeans here
Shoes: J. Crew here
Bag: Chanel similar budget friendly version here

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  1. I love the story of Chanel and the camellias! But I love this top even more! It is so romantic and flirty and looks great with boyfriend jeans and those darling leopard flats. Thanks for linking up, Katie!


  2. I am so jealous you live somewhere where flowers are in bloom. I’m still buried up to my neck in snow. Lovely look. That top is gorgeous!

  3. I need some color in my life, and those flowers are gorgeous! Yes, everything is bare here! Your blouse, shoes are so perfect and feminine together and your bag is a gorgeous color!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx


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