Tuesday, July 30, 2019

All Rainbows, All the Time!

It might be hard to believe but there actually was a time long ago when I wore a lot of black and more muted colors in my wardrobe. Now that I've gone over to the colorful side of the wardrobe spectrum, there's no going back! I've purchased a lot of rainbow print items this summer but this sheath dress with its wide swaths of rainbows just might be one of my favorites! It was also a very difficult dress to get, not because of scarcity but because of an issue with Lord and Taylor, which is the store from which I purchased the dress. Before I go on a rant about this, you can find the dress at other retailers and it's also currently on sale here.

So, while I may look happy in the picture above, the journey to purchasing this dress was a very tedious one. You see, I placed an order at the beginning of summer for this dress and it was supposed to arrive around the Fourth of July, however I never received any shipping confirmation. Finally, I called up Lord and Taylor and they said they canceled the order because they thought it was fraudulent. I reassured them that it was not and then tried to place another order and yet again it didn't go through. The company said that the security department would call me on three separate occasions, which never happened. To make a long story short, I finally got the dress by opening an account in my husband's name, much to his chagrin, and now, a month later I have my rainbow dress! My husband said that because of all this difficulty, perhaps this dress wasn't meant to be part of my wardrobe, however I prefer to see a different moral in this whole saga: with hard work and perseverance anything is possible!

Dress: Trina Turk on sale here and also available here and another rainbow dress option
Shoes: Target similar here
Bag: Louis Vuitton similar bag here

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  1. Okay this dress is too fun! Loving the color.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. Oh my gosh. I think this is one of my favorite dresses of yours! That rainbow print reminds me of the 70s and I love it!


  3. I love everything about this look! your dress is just beautiful!

    xx, Elise


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