Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Two Way Tuesday: Green Bamboo Bag

In this installment of Two Way Tuesday, I'm featuring two different ways to wear this fun Japanese bamboo bag! I got this bag last year and I've actually worn it quite a bit since then, much to my surprise. To be perfectly honest, I've always liked this style of bag, however, it's not the most practical accessory because you can pretty much see all the contents inside of the bag! One of the other reservations I had regarding this bag is that it's everywhere on Instagram and blogs! For this reason, I decided to get the bag in green instead of the more ubiquitous natural color that most people have, for something unique. So, despite these drawbacks, I would highly recommend this as a bag to add to your collection!

For my first look, I paired my green bamboo bag with some very bright neon colors! I thought the green in the bag would be the perfect complement to the touch of green in the leaves featured on my floral sweater. Overall, I think the pink, orange and green colors make for a playful and colorful outfit!

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For my second look, I decided to go in the opposite direction of my first look by pairing the green bamboo bag with some much more subdued neutral colors. While I love green of the bag and I certainly wear a lot of green, it is nice to tone things down every once in a while. This would definitely be one of my more "toned down" looks, although there's definitely elements of playfulness and quirkiness to make up for the lack of bright colors!

This leopard sweater was a sale find at my local Anthropologie a couple weeks ago. (Now that I think about it, I realize that I really love short sleeve sweaters because that's another thing both of these looks have in common!) To complement the theme of "walking on the wild side" that's going on with this look, I added these palm tree earrings for a playful twist! Between the greenery featured in the print on my sweater and the palm tree earrings, there are a lot of hints of green to tie this look together with the bag. As you can see, from brights to neutrals and from casual to dressy, this bag goes with all!

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  1. I love both of these looks! I purchased this style handbag in pink last year and I've only used it once!


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