Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Celebrating the New Year

I have been wearing a lot of plaid and darker colors the last few weeks for Christmas, so it feels great to finally get back to bright colors! I also thought this colorful look would be a great way to kick off my first post of 2019 on the blog! Speaking of 2019, I hope you all had a great New Year's celebration! We did our usual thing of staying in and watching the ball drop on TV while drinking Champagne. I actually wouldn't celebrate New Year's Eve any other way than in my pajamas with my dog and my husband, so I'm not complaining!

I thought this long-sleeved "celebrate" tee would be the perfect thing to wear to begin the New Year. I love how it has letters in all the colors of the rainbow, which makes it perfect for my favorite rainbow wall. It also goes with just about anything! This time around, I paired the shirt with some yellow pants for a pop of color and to bring out the yellow in the "l" in the word "celebrate".

While I am not one for making New Year's resolutions, I always secretly make a few, even if, like most people, I break them shortly after New Year's Day! One thing I would like to do more of (and yes, I say this every year!) is to get out and do and see more in Los Angeles. It's such a fantastic city to live in, so I might as well celebrate the fact that I live here! I guess there's a lot to celebrate and look forward to in 2019!

Tee: Gap here
Pants: Old Navy similar yellow pants here
Shoes: J. Crew similar gold loafers here
Bag: J. Crew similar here
Sunglasses: Celine
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  1. I love the bright colors! Just today as I was reading blogs I thought, "Yay! Time to get back to outfits with something other than red!" I love seeing your colorful outfits because I've always been a color lover. New Englanders don't wear a lot of color though, and though I swore I wouldn't change when moving here, I totally have. I still rock pops of color but if I wore all-bright outfit I would get lots of stares and it wouldn't be a good thing! Lol! So I live vicariously through your outfits! These yellow pants have my heart-eyes!

    Virginia | More to Mrs. E

  2. I love your colorful outfits! We stay in for New Year's Eve too, just me, the hubby and the dog and it's perfect.

  3. THis is a happy look! Bright happy colors. Love it!



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