Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Stripes with a Twist of Lemon

Once again, Target has hit it out of the park with this cotton stripe dress! I love that this dress is not only stylish but it's also so comfortable and easy to wear. I wore it out for the first time this weekend and it was just one of those dresses that you throw on and add some colorful accessories to and you're done! I also like the fact that the dress is machine washable (much of my wardrobe is not) because my husband and I went out for Shabu Shabu and he accidentally dropped an egg from his chopsticks in the Shabu pot and some of the broth splattered on my dress! Luckily, we took these pictures before lunch and the stain came out when I washed the dress afterward, so there were no hard feelings.

As I mentioned, this dress is a fantastic blank canvas for colorful and fun accessories like this lemon purse. I've been eyeing this purse all summer and when the price finally dropped enough to that which I thought was reasonable, I snagged it! I think I now have about three "fruit" themed bags: a watermelon, a grapefruit and now a lemon. It's a veritable fruit salad! Well, I would rather be wearing my fruit in the form of a cute bag than wearing my lunch all over my dress just in case my husband dropped some of it on me!

Dress: Target here
Bag: J. Crew here, similar here
Shoes: Kate Spade here, similar here
Sunglasses: Prada here
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  1. I love this dress so much Katie! The cut and fabric is so simple but it works so well. Very glad the stain came out haha xx Maria

  2. Stunning, what a beautiful dress and very cute bag - I'll have a G & T please. x Jacqui Mummabstylish

  3. Haha I love your lemon bag and totally agree that I'd rather wear my lunch on my bag than (more likely in my case) spilled on my clothes. :) Glad the stain came out. Target does it again, such a fun dress!


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