Tuesday, May 8, 2018

A Bold Graphic Tee

Last month I purchased a lot of things from Uniqlo! All of the items had one thing in common: they were all from the new Marimekko line. Well, the good news is that line of bold and colorful prints from Marimekko is now on sale! While not all items are available, which is why I'm glad I shopped early even if I paid a bit more, there are still some great deals to be had. Examples of these Uniqlo Marimekko deals include the tee shirt I am wearing today and some of other pieces such as this fun dot top that I featured a couple of weeks ago on the blog in a post entitled Going Round in Circles.

Since this tee is both graphic and colorful, it goes with a lot if items in my wardrobe but I decided to keep it simple by just pairing it with a striped cotton skirt from J. Crew Factory and some orange sandals from Target. Apparently the outfit was so eye catching that an older couple complimented me on it as soon as I stepped out of the car! Also, a sales associate at J .Crew told me that I always look so colorful whenever I come into the store. (As you might have concluded, I frequent J .Crew so often that they kind of know me!)

Last of all, we took these photos down one of the beautiful alleyways in Old Town Pasadena. One of the things that I love about Pasadena is that it's so scenic and you can always find a great spot for a photo. Additionally, you can always find a new alleyway that you've never explored before, which makes for a fun experience! I always love finding new things, be it a fun bold tee or a new street that I've never explored!

Tee: Uniqlo here
Skirt: J. Crew Factory here
Shoes: Target/A New Day here
Bag: J. Crew Factory
Sunglasses: Celine
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  1. The bold graphic fabric contrasting with fine navy lines is one of my current favourite looks. Looks so lovely and warm there Katie xx

  2. Very nice and of course colored outfit with this great top, beautiful striped skirt and gorgeous mules!


  3. I love how colorful this look is! so pretty.

  4. That top is so fun! I always love your print mixing too.

  5. I'm obsessed with this look! While I could never pull it off (neutrals are my thing) it looks amazing on you! I love the bold top paired with the stripe skirt. Keep rocking it!



  6. I LOVE that top! This whole look is just full of pops of color. Usually I don't mix patterns, but this one is absolutely perfect! Those shoes are cute too! Thanks for linking up with Ada and I for the Thursday Moda linkup!



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