Sunday, February 25, 2018

One Way? More Like No Way!

When I saw this fun mural posted on Instagram, it was love at first sight! Nothing was going to stop me from visiting it and I went to quite some lengths trying to find out where it was located. I knew it was in a shopping complex called The Row DTLA located in the Arts District of Los Angeles but I didn't know where it was within the rows of abandoned warehouses that make up the mall, so I utilized Google Maps to pinpoint the exact location using the street view feature. When the day arrived, I was all set with the precise location, the perfect outfit, and my trusty photographer/husband at my side!

Everything was going smoothly when we arrived.  We were in a bit of a rush because we had an event that we needed to get to in the area that day and we couldn't be late. The plan was to get in and get out in about 10 minutes. Once we arrived at the wall, it was everything I could have hoped for and more! The place was mostly deserted except for some workmen, so it was easy to get a handful of shots in a short amount of time. I wanted just one last one when I noticed a security guard angrily coming our way. He told my husband that we weren't supposed to be anywhere near here because it was private property and was off limits to the public. In short, he demanded that we leave immediately! It mystifies me as to why someone would put such a gorgeous mural someplace where people are not supposed to go! Luckily, we had all the pictures that I wanted and were about to leave anyway.

My latest edition of Los Angeles Magazine features this particular shopping center and one of the reasons they cite for visiting it is to marvel at the art and murals they have on the premises! Clearly, that's not actually the case. I could see why they would say "no way" to photos if I had a bunch of professional photo equipment along with a crew but that's clearly not the way I roll; it's me, my husband, and a camera. Regardless, it was quite a thrilling experience and I love these pictures, so it was totally worth it! Would I go back? Probably not. Although, come to think about it, there is actually one more mural there that I have my eye! I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment!

Shirt: Old Navy here
Pants: Banana Republic "Ryan" here, additional option here
Shoes: Target here
Clutch: Milly here
Earrings: J. Crew similar gold earrings here
Sunglasses: Celine
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  1. Love this bright colored outfit - and how perfect is that clutch against the wall!?!
    Lee | LegalLee Blonde

  2. You do find the best colorful walls! love the green pants mixed with blue and your cute the gingham style!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx


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