Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Hanging Around With These Guys

Last weekend I went to a pub to hang out with my husband and some of his guy friends. It's always a little strange being the only female in a room of guys, but I've actually always gotten along better with guys than girls. It might be because, despite my "glamorous" exterior, I'm actually somewhat of a tomboy at heart! Also, after living with my husband and my dog William, I am used to being the only girl in the room.

Of course, I found a mural in the area because that's just how I roll! This particular mural is special because it's actually on the facade of a luxury apartment complex located in the arts district of North Hollywood or, if you are an Angeleno and like pretentious names, "NoHo". The artist who did these colorful faces is Thierry Noir. He's a French artist who is best known for paining colorful faces on the Berlin Wall just before it was torn down in 1989.

A final note about my outfit: this top was another great deal this month from J. Crew. I also bought the same style in a print featuring lips on it that I am thinking about wearing for Valentine's Day this year. So even though my style might be a little girly and I am already planning out my V-day look, which couldn't be more stereotypically feminine, I think I can still blend in with the the guys, be it hanging out with them at the pub or with these colorful, cartoon dudes in NoHo!

Shirt: J. Crew ruffle-neck silk top here
Pants: J. Crew"toothpick" jeans here
Shoes: J. Crew "Audrey" flats here
Bag: Chanel similar pink quilted bag here
Sunglasses: Prada "Baroque" here
Earrings: Baublebar here
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  1. I love your new guy friends, Katie!! ;) What a cool mural! I love your top. The colour and fabric is gorgeous. Love the shoes too! XXX

  2. This is such a cute mural! I also just love your purple top! The color is gorgeous on you!


  3. Loving those shoes, the bag & the background.

  4. Loving those shoes, the bag & the background.


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