Friday, July 7, 2017

Mad Hatter of Summer

Some people are hat people while others are not.  In my opinion, the problem with hats is that they mess up your hair and if it's windy or even just a little breezy, they blow off your head and you spend half the day chasing them around. On the plus side, however, when hats do stay on your head, they protect you from the sun and they add a stylish element to any outfit, even a casual one like I have on today. Personally, I rarely wear hats. When I bought this one from Off Saks Fifth Avenue two summers ago, however, I wondered if I should, perhaps, give hats more of a chance. The great thing about this particular hat is that it's made in Italy and is currently on sale for only $15, so, even if you're not a hat person, the price and quality make it worth a try.

Another reason I decided to don a hat this day is that the blouse I am wearing has a hat print, although my husband joked that they were flying saucers! Another quick thing about what I am wearing today is that my sneakers were only two dollars! Yes, that's right, two dollars! I bought them the weekend before the Fourth of July at Walmart and I couldn't believe the crazy low price. In fact, I bought them in three different colors for a grand total of only six dollars! So I would say that, in addition to hats, the other thing my outfit for today has in common is that most items were a deal.

Shirt: J. Crew hat print top here
Jeans: Old Navy "Rockstar" here
Shoes: Walmart similar here
Bag: Gucci similar here
Hat: Off Fifth here ,similar here
Sunglasses: Prada here


  1. The hat with the hat print tee is too cute - what a fun combination! :)

    I'm not a hat person either but it's really needed here when you're out in the sun, so I do have a big straw sunhat I wear when I go to the beach or out for a picnic.

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. What a cute look! I own a lot of hats, but I rarely wear them for just the reasons you described. I tend to wear them most on vacations.

  3. What a steal on those shoes! I'm totally a hat person but I'm very picky and never buy hats online (unless they have free returns) because of the aforementioned hat-flying-off-head-and-having-to-chase-it problem! My husband knows whenever we're at a touristy area or outdoor festival that if there's a hat stand, I'm going to stop and look for a gem that fits properly!

    More to Mrs. E


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