Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ship of Fools

Lately I have acquired a taste for quirky bags (bags which don't look like a bag but instead some other object be it ship, piano or artist's palatte) and Kate Spade is probably the best place to go for those who covet unique clutches and bags. Last year I really wanted the All Aboard clutch from Kate Spade, but missed out. It seemed to sell out in the blink of an eye and sellers on eBay were charging and getting astronomical sums for this cute ship clutch.  While I love a quirky bag, I'm no fool to pay over retail. It's quite insane what some of the more collectible Kate Spade bags go for on eBay.

Thinking my ship had sailed on getting this clutch, I gave up hope, but when Kate Spade had their pop up sale a few weeks ago I jumped to see this back in stock after over a year. Not only was the clutch back in stock, but it was about 60% off retail. I was happy to order it for this bargain price, and explained to my husband that I could easily sell it for more than I payed. Although now the eBay market is saturated with these clutches due to entrepreneurial types who thought they could turn around and make a quick buck off it. This ship is a keeper for me though.

While the All Aboard Clutch may seem foolish and highly impractical, I'm looking forward to getting lots of use out of it this summer. Actually its maiden voyage was to a local Mexican restaurant, so the theme was sort of lost given the situation. Regardless, it will be the perfect clutch to take to the beach, a seafood restaurant (not that I like seafood) or perhaps aboard the the Queen Mary. As you can see from this picture I took last summer of the Queen Mary, the two look quite alike.


Outfit: Shirt and Skirt: Merona/Target, Shoes: J. Crew, Anchor Necklace: Forever 21, Ship Clutch: Kate Spade

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