Monday, June 10, 2013

Magic Crystals

I was sort of in a rush this morning and being sick didn't help the situation much. Originally I planed on just tossing on a pair of jeans and a random shirt and calling it a day, but I decided to be a bit more ambitious. I've often heard when you spend time to look nice, you feel better, so I thought I would see if that philosophy would work today.

As a result of these rushed circumstances what you see before you was all haphazardly thrown together, but I think the end result is aesthetically pleasing. I haven't worn the J. Crew Fanfare no. 2 pencil skirt yet this year so I thought it was time to wear it again. To start with I just paired the skirt with a white T-shirt and a pink cardigan. I instinctively reached for a pink belt (from where else but my box of belts?) when I had an epiphany and thought, "Why not add a sparkly belt?" Well, the Anthropologie Crystallized Citrine belt was the perfect icing on the cake. I guess sometimes spontaneity pays off and yes, I think I'm feeling a little better. (Maybe the crystals on the belt are "magic" crystals?)


  1. I have major skirt envy. I love this look!

  2. I think your haphazard outfit looks great! If only all my haphazard outfit were as good! I hope you feel better soon! :)

    1. Thank you Faux ionista! Yes, I'm starting to feel better. I hate being sick in the summer, although I hate being sick period.


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