Friday, May 24, 2013

William Welcomes the Weekend

Everyone is happy that it's the weekend, especially William. While all dogs feel sad to see their masters leave the house, William is prone to separation anxiety, which is a typical problem with his breed. I think separation anxiety is more or less a PC way of saying your dog is crazy and too attached to you, but that's okay, I still love him.

William has a strange weekday routine in which he waits by my side of the bed when the alarm goes off and stares at me with a very intent, perhaps even creepy gaze until I get up. He then follows me into the bathroom, and literally grabs on to me by curling his paws around my arms. He proceeds to try to get into the shower with me and when he realizes that his efforts are futile he goes and pouts on the couch in a deep depression until everyone is dressed and ready to go.

While we are gone, he likes to drag the blue kiddie pool that we bought last year for him from one side of the yard to the other (it's always in a different place). He does other strange things like dragging a filled gallon of water outside to leave it sitting upright in the yard or shredding magazines into tiny, tiny pieces. When we get back he whimpers and squeaks for a about five minutes as though he had just endured some very traumatic event. In his mind he probably has.

So when the weekend rolls around, he is as happy as can be that we are around more than usual. He likes going for extra long walks and spending time snuggling on the couch or in bed. Here you will see William enjoying the beautiful weekend by frolicking in the park, chewing on some grass, climbing on the jungle gym and  and sitting in a pile of purple Jacaranda tree petals.

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