Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Abstract

Due to my "artistic temperament" I am naturally drawn to any fabric that looks like it has brushstrokes and copious amounts of paint dumped on it. The Mimi dress from Anthropologie certainly matches the above criteria and is fashioned like a work of art in my opinion. The reviews of this dress online, even though there are only a few, are less than favorable. I like how one person described the dress as a sack, and then added that despite this it is still a very beautiful sack. Sometimes the negative reviews are an asset and help in lowering the price of merchandise. I suspect that was the case here. Retailing for $258 on the website, I got the Mimi dress on sale for $59.95.

I do agree with the online reviews in so far as the shape isn't for everyone. It billows out a bit in the chest and has an odd waist line that is high in the front and low in the back. I tired to fix these problems which didn't seem as pronounced on me by cinching the waist with a belt (I think next time I might go for a thicker belt). In the winter I'm anxious to wear the dress with tights, boots and a sweater (stay tuned). Overall for the price, even if it isn't perfect, I don't mind. It's worth it to feel like you're a walking painting from the Museum of Modern Art.


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