Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Not Your Average T

The Anthropologie Gilded Estate skirt is no stranger to my blog. I've featured this baroque patterned skirt several times over the last year, but today I'm being a bit more adventurous with my styling. Initially I paired this skirt with a plain white button down blouse, which is classic and simple. Today, to re-invent the skirt and my look I've added a striped T-shirt from Forever 21, available here for $15.80. As you can see I'm progressing in my mixing of patterns, slowly but surely. By time I get it down, this concept will probably be out of style! (Although I do think stripes, though they are all the rage now, will never cease to be a classic.)

Obviously, the thing I like best about this T-shirt are the puffy ruched sleeves. It adds just enough visual pizazz to make it not your run of the mill striped shirt which can be found everywhere these days.


  1. i have major outfit envy. this skirt is just stunning and i love how you've been creating new outfits with it!

    1. Thanks Laura! Yes, I love this shirt and the price isn't too bad either.


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