Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tartan, Mustaches and Taxidermy

Today's outfit is very menswear inspired from the button down chambray shirt right down to the smoking slippers adorned with gold embroidered mustaches. It certainly is fun to be one of the boys!

The pants I am wearing are the J. Crew Cafe Capri pants in Tartan. These pants seem to run quite big as I needed to size down to a 0 to get the correct fit. My chambray button down is also from J. Crew, it is the Keeper shirt in what J. Crew refers to as a "Boyfriend Fit." I always size down in anything that says "boyfriend" on it because otherwise the fit is too baggy. While it is fun to be one of the boys, it's good to still adhere to a fitted feminine silhouette!

I featured today's shoes earlier on my blog in my review of various budget smoking slippers. These "velvet slippies" as Tom Haverford (a character from Parks and Recreation) would say, are from Zara. I believe they are on sale now for $39 or less. My bag is an example of "fine leather goods" as Tom Haverford's friend Donna says in the "Treat Yo Self" episode of Parks and Recreation. I think the red in the LV Epi Brea in Rubis matches fairly well with the red in the Tartan print.

If you don't watch Parks and Recreation or if you haven't seen the "Treat Yo Self" episode of the show I recommend looking for it on YouTube as it is quite funny, especially if you are a shopaholic! Actually, I will provide the links for you. Click here and here if you want to experience the phenomenon that is "Treat Yo Self."

On a random note, while out to lunch today and treating myself to some incredible sales at J. Crew I passed by this really bizarre store which is located in Pasadena. They always have the craziest things including taxidermied animals (usually lambs and beavers) with gold crowns on their heads. They place these animals in the window which creates quite the bizarre effect as you walk by. I always wanted to take a picture of these oddities and today I had my camera with me so I quickly snapped it. (I don't think you're supposed to take pictures, perhaps they fear people will profit from going home and making their own crowned beavers?) Anyway, in the photo you can see the gold mustaches on my shoes in the reflection!


  1. ....are those beavers? also, i love the shoes with the plaid on your pants!

    1. Thanks Laura! Yes, they are beavers. I think these things sell for at least a couple thousand dollars! They're crazy!

  2. i love the pants on you and wish i got a pair when they were still around! those crowned beavers are hilarious!!

    xox P

    1. Thanks phiphi! My local J. Crew had a few pairs left, but that was it. I am glad you also find the humor in these crazy beavers!


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