Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chickens that Rock!

In my previous post entitled Just Us Chickens I confessed my love for chickens. I do in fact own several pieces of clothing featuring chickens and a couple of chicken calenders. Below I am wearing one of my favorite pieces of chicken attire. The French Hen silk boyshirt is also one of my favorite pieces from J. Crew's fall collection of last year. This blouse proves to be quite versatile. Here I am wearing it under a crew neck sweater with a ruffly coat from Anthropologie. (Which features its own host of barnyard critters in the lining.) The chickens add just a little bit of visual interest on the collar and peeking or should I say "pecking" out from the sleeves and on my shirttails.

I have a new piece of chicken attire to add to my collection. I acquired it at the Ben Folds Five concert which I went to last weekend. The opening act was an artist by the name of Nataly Dawn. She wasn't half bad as far as opening acts go. I admire her for wearing a sequin dress and cowboy boots on stage. Anyway, at the end of her set she announced that she had CDs and T-shirts for sale and that her T-shirt featured her on a chicken with a rifle. When my husband heard this he rolled his eyes and looked at me with acknowledgment that I would soon be making a bee line to buy it. Well, he was right and I did purchases it at the end of the concert. I can't resist a chicken! I am modeling my new favorite T- shirt below.

Outfit: Sweater: Merona/Target, Blouse: J. Crew, Jean's: Levi's, Shoes: J. Crew Valentina Pumps, Coat: Anthropologie, Chicken T-shirt: Nataly Dawn


  1. I really like how you paired the french hen shirt with the yellow - it works really well together! thanks for the idea. :)

    and that chicken shirt is amazing. bwahahah.

    1. Thanks Laura! I love that this shirt can go with so many colors. I like the way you have styled it in the past with a blazer too!


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