Monday, March 27, 2023

Purple Powersuit!

I told my husband if I were to run for mayor of Los Angeles or some other political office, I would probably dress in colorful powersuits like this one from J. Crew! I don't think that will be happening anytime soon, but I sure do love these bright colored suits lately! Purple is my favorite color, so I fell in love with these purple dress pants and matching double breasted blazer. You might remember the pants from a post I did last month. I purchased the pants first and then just recently added the blazer once it went on sale at J. Crew. I'm not sure how often I would pair the two together, but I do really love the head to toe purple look for a big dose of color!

Speaking of a big dose of color, how amazing is this art installation? I saw this colorful installation in Pasadena a couple weeks ago, but when were there it was raining, so it was fun to see all of these colorful ribbons blowing in the wind and sunlight last weekend! I think everyone was really enjoying walking, running or dancing through the installation when we were there. I know I certainly did! I think if I was the mayor of a city, one of my fist priorities would be to get more art installations like this one to come to my city!

Jacket: here
Pants: here
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  1. Love this purple suit and I adore the pops of color with it! So fun and chic!

  2. I absolutely love the purple suit...very power dressing....and dopamine dressing too. Fab u lous.

  3. Who needs a pink power suit when you can have one in this lovely shade?! I adore this color on you!

  4. How stunning is this! I adore purple and this gorgeous pant suit.

  5. Colourful suits are fabulous! You really stand out in them right? Fabulous colour!

  6. The way you mix color is so lovely.


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