Monday, January 2, 2023

Sparkling into the New Year

Happy New Year! This is my first post of 2023 and, of course, I had to do a little something extra and fun for the new year, like wearing a sequin skirt! I love sequins all year long but, obviously, they are usually associated with the holidays, especially New Year's Eve. I love mixing something dressy with something casual, so I decide to pair this blue sequin pencil skirt with this winter dog tee from J. Crew Factory. The tee shirt has a lot of the same pastel blue colors in it, so I thought it would be the perfect match! It was also a little bit chilly, at least for Southern California, so I also added this light blue wool cardigan to add some layers to the look. I love all of these icy blue colors for the winter season!

To accessorize my outfit, I wore my light blue Teddy Blake bag, again, to bring out the pale blue colors in the look and a lavender beret. I went a little overboard with berets last year, but I added this one to my collection a few weeks ago. I think at this point I'm probably good when it comes to berets but who knows, as one can never have too many berets! If I find a beret in a cute color or style I don't have, I will probably add it to my collection this year. Maybe one of my resolutions for 2023 should be no more berets or just clothes in general...or not!

Tee: J. Crew Factory here
Cardigan: J. Crew here
Skirt: Anthropologie similar sequin skirt here and here
Shoes: J. Crew similar lavender pumps here
Bag: c/o Teddy Blake here
Beret: Zara similar here
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  1. Happy New Year Katie! You start 2023 fabulously with that gorgeous skirt.

  2. What a sensational skirt! Unusual to see sequins in this light blue colorway. Happy New Year!

  3. That skirt is absolutely fabulous! You can never have too many berets! The good thing is they pack flat so don't take up much room. I love wearing them but they are often too small for my head. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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