Thursday, July 7, 2022

Flower Power Pattern Mix

I love to pattern mix! So, when I find pieces that I think will be fun and easy to mix and match with other patterns already in my wardrobe, I'm always quick to snatch them up! This is especially true if I can find these pieces for a great price! This pink gingham tie wrap skirt definitely fits the bill, which is why I purchased it off of the clearance rack from Ann Taylor last month. The pink and white print is small enough that it can easily be worn with other patterns, like this fun flower tee from Zara, or matched with solids. Even better, this skirt is now majorly discounted on the Ann Taylor website! When I saw the epic sale they were having this morning, I purchased the matching top in the same print so that I can wear the separates together!

Unfortunately, my flower tee is no longer available unless you can find it at your local Zara during their sale.  (I linked to some other flower tees below that would look cute with the skirt.) I've been shopping quite a bit at Zara lately and, although I love it when they have their summer sale, I always find going into their stores to be a bit chaotic during this time. When their summer sale is going on, the store looks like a garage sale or, if it's been a particularly busy day, like a clothes-bomb went off with clothing everywhere! I love a good sale, but I'm quite happy just shopping online from the comfort of home!

Skirt: Ann Taylor here
Bag: Louis Vuitton
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  1. I'm loving the super '60s vibes in this outfit! The top is so cheerful and can be paired with so many things. Also, it's cool that you got the gingham top to create a dress silhouette. :)

  2. Your pattern mixing is on point! Love that darling skirt and you retro print top! They are both such happy prints and colors!

  3. I always love your style. Always surprising!


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