Sunday, June 12, 2022

Tropical Tie Skirt

It's been just a week of summer vacation and I must admit that I'm definitely in full vacation mode now! Sleeping in a little, relaxing and having time to catch up on projects has been nice. Now, I just need to kick back on the beach with a Mai Tai and I'll be fully relaxed! Summer is wonderful, not only because of vacation time but also because of all of the fun, tropical prints that come out this time of year! J. Crew Factory has released some amazing and colorful items lately, such as this tropical print tie waist skirt! It's definitely giving me major summer vacation vibes!

While this skirt could be paired with a millions things, I thought it would look casual and cool with a simple tee shirt, which I also picked up from J. Crew Factory. They also make a matching top in the same tropical print that I might consider getting to make the skirt look like a dress. Speaking of dresses, it also comes in a maxi dress as well. So many options! Whenever I like a print, I'm known to get it in everything it comes in, but I think I might just settle and get the top so that I can mix and match both it and the skirt all summer long! Since summer is such a relaxing time of the year, it's nice to have a wardrobe that is equally easy and stress free!

Skirt: J. Crew Factory here
Tee: J. Crew Factory here
Shoes: c/o Draper James here
Bag: Louis Vuitton

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  1. What a beautiful summer skirt! And those shoes are so perfect with it!

  2. Summer has been the least relaxed season so far... But it's all good, we are enjoying ourselves. I love your skirt: might be one of my favorite of yours: the colors and the print are delightful!

  3. Your orange top matches that skirt perfectly! I love the bold tropical colors and fun print!

  4. Another awesome orange outfit! Not to mention the sunny hibiscus backdrop. And I know what you mean about buying multiple pieces in a print you love -- I do that too! I hope you get the top to create the dress look. :)

  5. I'm loving everything orange lately and this outfit is gorgeous! Such a fun print!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  6. So fun and cheerful! The orange top really brings out the orange flowers, but immediately cooled down with the blues - love it!


  7. This outfit looks beautiful! I love the colours and the vibrancy! Perfect for summer!

  8. Love these colors- perfectly epitomizes summer! I have been into orange lately too!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx


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