Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Embroidered Butterflies

I purchased this embroidered butterfly dress last month. With the sale promo and all of my rewards from J. Crew, it ended up being cheaper than a what I would pay for an order of fries at McDonald's! I definitely love getting things on sale, which is why I am anxiously anticipating what the sales will be like this year for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It looks like many retailers are featuring their sales early this year, which hopefully means more of a selection to choose from and a longer period of time to take advantage of the deals before they fly away like the butterflies on my dress!

I wore this outfit for a weekend excursion to my favorite local bookstore. One of the things that I miss lately, especially with the holidays approaching, is being able to shop in brick and mortar stores. While most stores have been open here for a while, getting into a store that can only operate at 50% or 25% of its maximum capacity often translates into long lines. Given this, I have been doing a lot of online shopping. The other thing I miss lately is getting dressed up to go to work. This outfit with the shift style dress and a little cardigan is the type of outfit I would normally wear to teach but since we are currently doing distance learning, I am all about cute tops as opposed to dresses or skirts. When schools and other places eventually reopen here, I am definitely going to be ready with some great new outfits, much like a butterfly ready to emerge from its cocoon!

Dress: J. Crew here
Bag: Louis Vuitton
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  1. Beautiful dress. Love how you have styled it :)

  2. It is a fabulous dress, Katie! Our brick and mortar stores don't get that crowded because it is very rural here. But I still prefer online shopping these days. I am loving this outfit and I hope you get to wear in the classroom one day!


  3. Talking about waiting in line for a store, I haven't had to do that except here at the beach to get into Walmart of all things. I am shopping local though for all of my stocking stuffers and hopefully it won't be crowded as I plan to do it at the beginning of the month. Love the embroided detail of the butterflies.

  4. The writer in me loved the butterfly metaphors you used. Those earrings are stunning, I own them too. You found the perfect natural flower background to match them. Wish I had this lovely sheath though since I have an almost identical bag, too.

    I miss real book stores too. We barely have any to begin with and most are far away.


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