Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Two Way Tuesdays: Pink Gingham Skirt

I thought I would start a new limited series of posts about how to wear a particular item of clothing in two different ways. This occurred to me because I will often wear an article of clothing once for my blog and photograph it once but after that I never feature it again to show how I restyle it for subsequent wearings and different occasions. Today's post is meant to remedy this and it features this beautiful gingham pencil skirt from J. Crew styled in two different ways.  In other words, this is my first Two Way Tuesdays post! Today's post is dedicated to this pretty pink/purple gingham print skirt, which is one of my favorite patterns for spring. In fact, I just recently purchased the trench coat version of the print as well!

Because the weather has been unseasonably cool lately, I decided to pair the skirt with my new cashmere star sweater and a leopard clutch for this first look. The pink in the stars is the perfect match with the skirt and it also offers some playful pattern mixing! I adore this star sweater, which is another recent purchase and I was happy to have the opportunity, thanks to our cooler weather, to wear it before storing it away for next winter. The addition of the springtime gingham definitely makes the sweater seem more appropriate for spring!

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Next, you will see my second styling of this gingham skirt with a floral print blouse. As you may have noticed, I am very much into pattern mixing with this skirt! This was actually the outfit that I wore a few weeks ago for Easter, which now seems like a very distant memory! I thought the pastel colors and the floral print would make for the perfect spring/Easter look, although it was a little restrictive when it came to participating in our annual family Easter egg hunt! (I still was able to win!)

These vibrant purple flowers were vividlly in bloom for these photos a few weeks ago but, sadly, have lost much of their colors in the last couple weeks. It was really spectacular to see the "super bloom" that took place this year in the early spring months! They did, however, prove to be the perfect complement to my floral top!

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