Monday, April 22, 2019

California's Gold

There are lots of things that I love about California. First and foremost, the weather is great! There's also so much to do and see, especially if you like art, culture and amazing food! Plus, geographically speaking, it's one of the few states where you can easily have quick access to the ocean, mountains, or desert, depending on what you're in the mood for. Given my love for the state, I felt obligated to get this California print skirt, plus it's pretty cute!

As you can see, this skirt depicts an outline of the state of California along with some of it's famous landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge and the Hollywood sign. It also showcases the diverse geographical regions of the state with illustrations of palm trees, cactus, flowers and sailboats sailing though the ocean. It definitely needs to be in the wardrobe of anyone who lives here or is truly is head over heels in love with this state or maybe just someone who wants to be considered an honorary Californian!

On a final note, how beautiful are these yellow wildflowers? I've done several posts about the beauty of this year's epic super bloom and I have to say that, of all of the super bloom locations I've visited, this one is probably my favorite. Why? Because there was no one there! Perhaps that highlights one of the main problems I have with California: it's very congested! When you have a state as beautiful as ours, everyone wants to live here and that creates high density living situations and horrendous traffic. Take, for example, the poppy fields I visited a month or so ago. On just one weekend last month, over 50,000 people descended upon a few acres of orange hills! (There were almost more people than poppies!)  As for these yellow wildflowers, it was nice just to have this park almost all to ourselves, proving that California has some hidden treasures if you know where to look!

Skirt: Anthropologie here
Tee: Old Navy similar red and white tee here
Shoes: Old Navy similar here
Bag: Zara similar round straw tote here

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  1. Loving the look, your skirt looks so amazing.

  2. I just love all the color! Your skirt is so pretty and your print mixing is on point as always! Love those sunglasses, too!

  3. The colors of those blooms are just beautiful! I love your skirt and how you print mixed.

  4. Your skirt looks lovely! I love how you mixed prints.

  5. That map of California skirt is amazing. I have never been but I hear CA is a fantastic state. Like no other, really. I also love a good sailboat stripe tee like yours. And everyone could use a pair of nude or blush pink bow sandals in their closet. Plus, as always a magnificent background as usual, Katie. =)

    In my latest post I talk a little bit about Michigan and its great lakes. =) Come check it out and join my Thursday Moda Linkup on Thursdays, too. Looking forward to my Birthday Blog party too and you being one of the bloggers I invited. =)

    Thanks, Ada. =)


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