Sunday, July 8, 2018

Return to Rainbow Row

Last month we went to Charleston, South Carolina, but I am only just now getting around to posting some of the pictures from our vacation! Despite being a relatively small city, Charleston has a lot to offer and there's definitely a wealth of things to see and do. In fact, we've visited Charleston twice in the last few years and I still don't feel like I've done everything I want to do there! Taking a stroll down the historic street of homes known as Rainbow Row is something we did on both trips. Of all of the gorgeous houses in the city, this street of houses is probably my favorite, obviously because of how colorful they are!

It was very hot and humid in Charleston during our visit, (my understanding is that the city is in a perpetual haze of humidity all year long!) so it was important to find a way to stay cool, but still look cute at the same time! These seersucker shorts from J. Crew Factory were just the perfect thing to wear to stay cool, but also look fashionable. (Luckily, we took these photos somewhat early on our day-long excursion walking around the city before we both became drenched in sweat!) I have a few pairs of seersucker shorts, but none with ruffles, so that detail made these shorts extra special. On a negative note, I will say that even though wearing shorts kept me cool, it also exposed me to bugs and believe me I had bug bites aplenty!

During this stroll down the lovely Rainbow Row they were doing construction on one of the houses. I overheard one of the construction workers say "if I had a dollar for every picture taken on this street I would be a millionaire!" That comment made me laugh and we would have certainly helped contribute to said construction worker's fortune if that was actually the case! For good reasons, Rainbow Row seems to have become a "hot" destination for bloggers or just people looking for a cute photo to post of their travels. My dream would be to one day own one of these gorgeous houses and then I would just have to walk out my front door for a colorful background!

Shorts: J. Crew Factory seersucker ruffle shorts here
Tee: J. Crew here
Bag: Coach similar pink bag here
Sneakers: Target
Hat: H&M here
Sunglasses: Alice + Olivia
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  1. Very nice summer outfit and superb houses for a photo shoot! Happy Monday xx

  2. I would love to visit Charleston - not sure I'd appreciate all the bugs though! Maybe I'll visit during cooler months! Great photos xx

  3. It's a fun place for photos for sure! and I just love the adorable ruffled detail on the waist band of your shorts!

  4. I love Charleston--the food is amazing and the charm is off the charts. Your outfit perfectly matches Rainbow Row's houses!

    I hope you are having a great week so far!


  5. Cute striped tee you have here dear, love the stripes of pink and green, so cute and fitting with your colorful background too.

    Jessica |


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