Thursday, October 20, 2016

Stairway to Heaven?

"One girl's stairway to heaven just might be another man's (husband's) journey to hell."
-Hello Katie Girl

My husband and I are both introverted (not that you could tell that about me from the picture below), but unlike my husband, I often like to get out and do/see things while my husband is often very content staying at home. You might also know that I have a rapidly growing "things to do/see list" for things I want to experience in Los Angeles. One of the things on my list was to go to Silver Lake and eat at a very cool German restaurant for Oktoberfest. I thought the fact that I had a coupon (for beer and bratwurst nonetheless!) would make it more appealing to my husband, but the congestion of the Silver Lake area was definitely not something that was up his alley, although the beer and food helped to smooth things over a little.

In addition to being the home of a great German restaurant, Silver Lake is also home to the Micheltorena stairs. These rainbow-colored stairs make for some awesome photos! However, as I have written before, the image reflected in photos is often different than the gritty reality of real life. When we arrived at the stairs, someone had left their soiled jeans strewn in the middle of the stair's rainbow glory! There was also a lot of trash and even excrement. (The latter, by the way, did not come from a dog or any other four legged animal!) So, in my husband's defense, I can somewhat understand why he was less than thrilled about the location. However, being the fearless blogger that I am, I took these setbacks in stride.

Due to the fact that the weather is still pretty hot here, I opted for a light-weight ruffled pinstriped top, also known as the "Edie" top from J. Crew. Lately, I have become obsessed with the versatility of pinstripes. I also wore a couple of my favorite accessories, such as my Kate Spade taxi shoes and my Rebecca Minkoff tassel camera bag. The colors of both the shoes and bag definitely complimented the vibrancy of the stairs, sans scary clothing and waste!

Shirt: J. Crew "Edie" Top here and here
Jeans: J. Crew similar here
Shoes: Kate Spade here, here and glitter version here
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Tassel Bag similar here and here
Sunglasses: Prada


  1. Those stairs are so much fun! I love your shoes! Great compliment to your outfit!

  2. These stairs looked so pretty until I read the rest of the story! LOL Good on you for proceeding anyhow.


  3. Such a cute outfit and amazing stairs! My hubby is a homebody too ... and yes, we're both introverts, but I like to be out and about a bit more than he does. Thanks so much for linking up with Fun Fashion Friday!

    Dawn Lucy

  4. Those stairs are so cool! My husband would rather stay home, I on the other hand need to be out and about.
    Thank you for linking up with Weekend Wear


  5. The stairs are a great backdrop, glad yo could persist and find a clean spot! :) I love the colourful tassels on your bag too but my favourite part of this whole post is your taxi shoes - they are just so adorably fun! :)

    Hope you've had a great weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  6. It always makes me sad when I see how people disrespect places! Glad you were still able to get some amazing photos and appreciate the beauty! Love your fun flats!

  7. you found a perfect location for your lovely outfit.

  8. Katie, so find the most colorful places for pictures. Love this setting, perfect for your colorful outfits. THose shoes are awesome and I love the pose! I suppose I need to let loose once in awhile too. Sounds like you have some fun places you want to go.
    Thanks for linking up with turning heads tuesday
    jess xx

  9. Those stairs are fun and colorful as your backgrounds usually are. So disrespectful of whomever littered them though. Your bag, pin-stripe top and taxi flats are all gorgeous!

    Welcome by and linkup tonight or tomorrow for Thursday Moda. =)

    Happy Hump Day Katie!
    Ada. =)


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