Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hot Air

I love anything that has a whimsical or quirky print, so when I spotted this blouse adorned with hot air balloons from Zara last month there was no debate about whether I should purchase it or not. Although I've never been in a hot air balloon, I do have nice memories of them. For example, when I was growing up I lived in upstate New York, we would constantly see hot air balloons floating over our house. This was quite beautiful, but also very disturbing to our golden retriever who would bark incessantly at them. Well, it's always nice to find an article of clothing that is both whimsical and allows you to take a hot air balloon ride down memory lane!

Although I was decisive about the shirt, I was a little indecisive about the skirt I am wearing in today's post. I knew that I loved this midi skirt from J. Crew when it popped back up on their website, however, it was only available in a petite size and at 5'9" I am definitely not petite! I went back and forth for a little while about purchasing it, especially since it was final sale, but ultimately pulled the trigger, figuring that the length wouldn't be that much different. When the skirt arrived in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised that its length, although shorter, was actually just about perfect. To be honest, I have bought petite sizes before when I was in a crunch for something I really wanted, and it seems to usually work out. 

Shirt: Zara  here
Skirt: J. Crew
Belt: Brooks Brothers
Shoes: Kate Spade
Sunglasses: Prada
Clutch: Clare V.


  1. Cute outfit, loving that skirt! Nice to link up with you. Jacqui

  2. The print is so cute! I love the colorful Modcloth one you linked too.

  3. this is so 50s I LOVE IT! what a great look I would wear every piece over and over

    Life is just Rosie

  4. Wow, if that's a petite and you're 5'9" it must be super long on someone who is a lot shorter! It's perfect on you. I love that top too--the balloon print is fun and whimsical, but still really classic and sophisticated.
    Shea |

  5. Very pretty look! I like your hot air balloon blouse and it reminds me I have a long sleeve shirt with a small hot air balloon pattern I have still not worn after almost 3 years now... Need to get on that. So glad this red skirt worked out for you - it looks great. Thanks so much for linking up with Fabulous Friday!

  6. What a fun top. I love the whimsical print and it looks amazing with the fun-dotted clutch and the beautiful red skirt, Katie.


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