Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ducks and Turkeys

The pictures you see below are actually from Thanksgiving, but I saved them for the week before Christmas because the addition of my red coat over my green cardigan makes them more appropriate for the latter holiday, in my opinion. The duck skirt I am wearing, which I think could be considered either "vintage" or "classic" Anthropologie, is actually lucky that it survived Thanksgiving unscathed. I tried helping a family friend with her turkey and she ended up spilling turkey grease all over the kitchen and almost yours truly, but I suppose that was better than nearly being stabbed in the eye with a carving knife, which is what happened to my husband when he tried to help the aforementioned family friend out. You might think that this sounds like a scenario ripped from an SNL skit or some wacky holiday movie, but alas, it's ripped straight from my life!

In light of the chaos of our Thanksgiving meal, I've courageously volunteered to do the Christmas dinner this year. I'm not a very organized or precise person, but when it comes to cooking, I'm somehow able to pull off these two traits without a hitch. This week leading up to the holiday will be filled with shopping for ingredients, making cookies, and doing some initial prep for the meal. I've actually got it all strategically figured out.

I'm not sure what I'll be wearing this year for Christmas, although I do have a few possible outfit ideas in mind. Whatever I select, I'm going to make sure I have an apron on and I'll be sure to keep relatives and friends who are dangerous or clumsy in the kitchen at bay and away from my clothing! Maybe I'll also require my husband to wear some protective eye gear in case they also get a hold of a carving knife!

Skirt: Anthropolgie
Sweater: J. Crew similar here
Belt: Kate Spade similar here
Bag: J. Crew "Edie" in Casablanca Blue fancy version here
Shoes: Brooks Brothers similar here
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban


  1. Love everything about this!


  2. Oh my gosh! Stay away from those friends! Or, at least, take away all dangerous items and materials. LOL! Much better that you have taken over for Christmas, indeed! I feel guilty commenting on your outfit in light of your husband being stabbed in the eye and the turkey grease incident, but you really do look just adorable beyond words in this outfit. It is so stylish and well put together. Once again, you have a stunning look here! Merry Christmas...and no more scenes from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation!

    1. Thank you Regina and Merry Christmas to you too! I think the National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation comparison is very fitting! Hopefully there are no "casualties" tomorrow for Christmas dinner!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Minau! This is definitely one of my favorite skirts!

  4. A head to toe apron, I think is called for in these instances! I adore all the colours here and that skirt is just so adorable!
    Good luck cooking the turkey!
    Merry Christmas.


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