Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunglasses on the Brain

Typically when one thinks of sunglasses, one automatically thinks of summer. Now that it's almost fall, sunglasses might not be a priority to some in the "accessories department", but to me they are always on my mind. As I have said repeatedly, Los Angles is the land of a perpetual summer, so I am always in need of sunglasses be it summer, fall, winter or spring. Last year I purchased these purple Prada sunglasses for a little pop of color and a deviation from your standard black and brown frames. While I don't wear them often, they are among one of my favorite pairs because purple is my favorite color.

The thing with sunglasses is that they can be quite addictive, not unlike shoes. Okay, let's be frank: sunglasses, shoes, handbags, you name it, are all addictive in my book! In regard to sunglasses, I tend to get an urge about two to three times a year to acquire a new pair. Usually the styles change or a new brand comes in vogue, or I just get the itch for a change of pace. For me, sunglasses are something I wear on a daily basis, so wearing the same pair every day can seem boring and it's always fun to switch things up a little.

Below are some of my favorite sunglasses for fall and beyond. I am just going to be honest: there is a pretty strong chance that I am going to cave and purchase the first pair from Fendi at some point in the upcoming months. I love the modern take on your classic tortoise shell sunglasses and the mutli-colored marbled effect.

5. Le Specs Go Go Go Sunglasses, 6. Thierry Lasry Flattery Sunglasses

In regard to my outfit, even though it's almost fall, that doesn't mean I'm going to put away bright colors either. This is one of the reasons I love this new skirt from the J. Crew Factory. It has bright colors and a fun floral print, but the dark navy background makes it a perfect piece to transition in from summer to fall.

Skirt: J. Crew Factory here
Shirt: Target/Mosimmo chambray blouse here
Shoes: J. Crew Factory "Isabelle" bow pump
Necklace: J. Crew similar here
Bag: Prada Epi Speedy in Granade
Sunglasses: Prada other fun purple options here


  1. Great choices of sunglasses! You look amazing! Love the skirt!

  2. Great outfit! love the skirt xx Gemma xx

  3. I adore this outfit, head to toe! The chambray top and floral skirt are gorgeous together. Love the fun sunglasses too!

  4. I love everything you have on today, especially the skirt, purse and shoes. Gorgeous colors and patterns, Katie. =)

  5. I agree sunglasses are definitely a year round accessory! Love these!

    Lady in Violet

  6. Loving your choice of sunglasses, they really suit you! I too am a wearer on sunglasses the whole year round - even though I live in rainy the UK :)
    Good to meet you via Catherine's link up!

  7. I love fun colored sunglasses and those look great on you. And your shoes! So much love for your outfits! XO -Kim

  8. Love the stripes and floral! You look so great.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  9. in love with this skirt -- i've been thinking about getting it myself too! love all the sunglasses you picked!

    cute & little

  10. Your outfit pictures are just perfect and I love the outfit! You are my today inspiration :)
    Please help me with collaboration and clickHere <3

  11. Gorgeous style, love the floral skirt and those shades are divine! #iwillwearwhatilike

  12. Love the sunglasses with your look! Really cute! And the skirt and top pairing is fabulous!

  13. Love the sunglasses you're wearing plus the rest of your outfit is stunning on you. Your skirt is such fun and i love your stripe shoes. You look great.

  14. Love this outfit! It's so fun and cheery! I didn't realize I had a sunglasses addiction until I started to lay them out to choose from! This post makes me want to expand my taste and try for some beyond basic aviators and such:)

  15. I can't take my eyes off of that skirt! Love how you styled it. And yes, sunglasses are a must for me in every season. Great picks.

  16. Well done with the pattern mixing of your shoes and skirt! So cute! I just came from the Hello Monday link-up
    You should come link up over at my style & beauty link up! The Style Files Link-Up

  17. I love the stripes and floral!! What a cute outfit. I would love to have you join my style link-up! xo ~ Megan The Fashionista Momma

  18. Love the Prada speedy!! You look fabulous and I love the pattern mixing!

    Stopping by from the StyleSessions link-up!


  19. I've never considered sunglasses to be seasonal - sometimes you need them just as much in the fall and winter months. Love the chambray top, looks like such a versatile piece!
    Chic on the Cheap

  20. I am in love with your glasses and selections of glasses pictured...and oh how I love your bright colors and pattern mixing here.
    Thanks for linking up to "Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me"
    Rachel xo
    Bloggers Who Have Inspired me link up is now Live, hope you can join in
    Garay Treasures

  21. Lovely! You have inspired me to try a similar combo with my floral outfit and striped pumps!

  22. Great colourful outfit… I am a fan of sunglasses too. I have at least 16 pairs, some expensive ones and even ones from the dollar store.


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