Tuesday, June 30, 2015

On the Playground: Monster Park

Even though Vincent Lugo Park, aka "Monster Park" in San Gabriel is a place I've traveled to before, I still marked it on my summer "to do list". One of the reasons was to take some photos, which I neglected to do the first time around. Second of all, how can you resist the whimsical charm of this playful host of monsters and sea creatures? Sure this park is meant for kids, and to be certain there were plenty of them the day I visited, but grownups can have fun enjoying the sculptures here as wellI certainly did!

Because I am a kid at heart (a euphemism for "immature"?) I threw on some childish, fun accessories, like my kate spade pencil necklace. The bunny charm on my bag also offers an air of whimsy. And then there is the colorlots, and lots of color! Color is perhaps the ultimate hallmark of youthful enthusiasm.

Below you will find some of the sculptures located in the park. This particular section is known as the La Laguna area of Vincent Lugo Park. For a quick history lesson, these sculptures were created and added to the park in 1965. Benjamin Dominguez and his two sons crafted the statues from colored concrete and they have stood smiling at visitors ever since. In 2005, plans to renovate the park called for the removal of these colorful creatures from their natural habitat. Luckily, residents banded together and fought to save the sculptures. Since then many of the sculptures have been restored and repainted, although unfortunately they have been marred in some places by graffiti.

I hope you enjoyed my journey through this unreal realm of creatures and monsters. It truly is a hidden, yet jubilant gem in the quirky and offbeat history of Los Angeles!

Dress: kate spade "Nico" dress
Shoes: J. Crew
Bag: Prada Saffiano Lux Tote
Bunny Charm: Prada 
Necklace: kate spade 


  1. This is such a cute idea, I love the fun colorful dress! Gorgeous! XO -Kim

  2. What a fun place to shoot your photos! I love the colorful stripes!

    Doused In Pink

  3. Wonderful place for shooting, fantastic dress & bag!!!


  4. I loved that you paired a playful dress with a playful location. That giant octopus is awesome!

    xo, Maddy


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