Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Ghost Town

Over the Memorial Day weekend my husband and I took a day-trip to Calico ghost town. Calico is a former silver mining town that was most active in the 1880s and was restored by Walter Knott of Knott's Berry Farm fame in the 1950s. The ghost town is a scenic stop about halfway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, but this time it was our final destination. (No Sin City this time around.) Calico definitely has something for most everyone: scenic vistas, hiking, a mine tour, a railroad ride, western buildings, restaurants, saloons, shops of various types, reenacted shoot outs (they need to work on their script!), and even some local wildlife.

Below you will see some of my favorite photos from our sojourn. As you will see below, there are many places to go hiking and exploring, but unfortunately my footwear was not conducive to this activity. Plus, I almost stepped on the scary lizard below!

The old schoolhouse made me feel right at home. One room, twenty or so kids and a ruler. What's not to love? 

While you may not think of ghost towns as being avant-garde, this bottle house might qualify as such. You could see it being in a fancy, shmancy museum, but no, it's right here in the Old West. They were definitely ahead of their time in terms of creative vision. It's actually made of all wine bottles, perhaps this could be a project for me with my leftover bottles in the backyard?

Below, enjoy some of the shots I took of various buildings. It's hard to believe these buildings, many of which are over 100 years old, are still standing! I guess that is part of the allure of a ghost town such as Calico. I definitely recommend checking it out if you are on your way to or from Vegas or just want a fun day-trip back in time.

Shorts: LOFT Full Bloom Riviera Shorts Here
Shirt: J. Crew Factory 
Sandals: J. Crew
Bag: J. Crew "Sophie" Crossbody
Sunglasses: Prada


  1. I am stopping by from the blog hop! Those shorts are so cute! I tried them at Loft and they didn't work for me (sadly). But they look great on you! I love them with the stripes!! Susan

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I ordered these shorts online, which always scares me, but luckily the fit was pretty good. This was my first time getting shorts from LOFT.

  2. I have never been to a ghost town! It looks fun, but in a creepy way, lol! I saw your post on ShannaSaysSo and thought I'd stop over and say hi! Love the outfit too! Super cute and it actually looks like you planned on the outfit with the scenery in mind! Great! (If not, how fortuitous! Haha!)


    1. Yes, fun in a creepy way is a good way to describe the experience of going to a ghost town! It was actually quite crowded, so that makes it less spooky. I didn't quite plan my outfit around the scenery, but it did seem to be a good match ...with the exception of my footwear!

  3. Amazing photos! So different to me. Lovely easygoing outfit.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I am from the East Coast so the desert is always a little strange to me too.


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