Friday, December 19, 2014

Silver and Gold

Looking back to last winter, I realize that I was on the search for the perfect leather jacket for about a month. What you see below is the end result of that quest. The thing is, I haven't worn the jacket since I bought it last year! I really only have myself to blame, but the weather did play a large part in me not snipping off the tags of this buttery soft moto jacket. Now that the weather has taken a turn for the "chilly", my coats are getting ample use, which is great because I think coats might just be my favorite article of clothing, well next to skirts.

I wore the outfit below for our family's annual Christmas boat parade party in which boats strewn with lights and decorations stroll up and down the marina blasting Christmas carols. I initially wanted to grab something with traditional holiday colors or plaid for the party, but I thought the silver, grey and gold of my sequined wool skirt would be a fun alternative. Plus, the colors reminds me of the Burl Ives song, "Silver and Gold" from one of my favorite Christmas specials Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer.  You know, the one with Burl Ives as a jolly snowman, narrating the story? (Yeah, I still watch these.)  Speaking of snowmen, stay tuned for a very "frosty" dish that I made for the party!

Moto Jacket: Micheal Kors Similar Here
Skirt: Anthropologie
Boots: Christian Louboutin
Sweater: J. Crew
Necklace: J. Crew "Jeweled Quill" pendant 
Sunglasses: Prada


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