Saturday, December 13, 2014

Glitter, So Much Glitter!

I recently read a list of 10 things women in their thirties should not wear. One of the things on that list was glitter, and while the article seemed to focus on glittery make-up it might just apply to footwear too. Well, I am just going to disregard that list. Especially around the holidays. Who doesn't want to be bedecked in glittery shoes this time of the year? When I first bought these Fifi shoes from Christian Louboutin my husband described them as something that were the product of a kindergarten craft project gone awry. But just like the guy (I am going to assume that he was a guy) who made the list, I say: who cares! I hope to wear these to an upcoming Las Vegas trip because I think the ostentatious glitter will fit in on the strip.

I bought the above shoes a few years ago, and I will have to say that due to the heel height, plus the fact that they are covered in glitter, I don't wear them too often. Below is a more afordable solution that I picked up this year from Simply Soles. These are glittery flats from Butter. I picked mine up Cyber Monday for $100 a piece and just like Christian Louboutin they are made in Italy. I think they'll be a nice way to add a little sparkly to any outfit this time of year, plus they'll probably leave a trail of glitter!

Shoes featured in this post:

Christian Louboutin "Fifi" Miniglitter Pumps: Similar Here 
Butter Glitter Flats in Multi Glitter: Here
Butter Glitter Flats in Gold Glitter: Here

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