Saturday, August 23, 2014

Checking It Off!

She's making a list and checking it twice, and checking things off of it too! Last year I posted about my "to do list" that featured various sites and destinations around the Southern California area that I wanted to visit. Now that summer is winding down I am trying to pack in everything all at once and get some destinations checked off of my list.

Taking a look through my list I realized that there are a couple of patterns that emerge. Most notably, many of the destinations on my list are either food or art related. Take for example my trip to Westwood last weekend. During this trip I visited the Hammer Museum (as seen in my previous post), P'tit Soliel for poutine (a yummy French-Canadian dish of French fries, gravy and cheese curds) and Stan's Donuts for, you guessed it, donuts!

Another theme that pervades my list is that many of the locations that I aim to visit were featured on Huell Howser's show California's Gold. If you're not from California you've probably never heard of the show. If you are from California and you have heard about the show, you know it's mainly for older people, but I guess I am an old soul.

Stan's Donuts is one of the places that Huell visited in his TV series. After his visit they named a chocolate and peanut butter donut after him. Since I love chocolate, peanut butter and of course Huell, this was going to be the one donut of the many to choose from that I brought home. I was a little too stuffed after the poutine I ate for dinner, so the Huell donut made a nice midnight snack!

For more SoCal donut destinations (also featured on Huell) check out my post Do You Know the Donut Man? If you have for whatever reason an inclination to check out my "To Do List" feel free to glance at the post, Where Will My Taxi Flats Take Me? The list has grown since this post and many of my destinations have been checked off. Also, many of the places are really dorky, but it's kind of fun to look at especially if you are from the Los Angeles area!

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