Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Katie Curates: The Art of Kelly Reemtsen

Pinterest is a wonderful thing. My husband likes to kid me and joke about how I am addicted to looking at pictures on the Internet. As you can imagine, Pinterest is paradise for a visual person such as myself. I look for everything from recipe and outfit ideas to art

This week while on Pinterest I discovered the paintings of Kelly Reemtsen from her series Striving for Perfection and was instantly drawn to the juxtaposition of feminine looking women (at least from the waist down) holding masculine objects. Many of the dresses and skirts seemed very kate spade inspired with bright colorful hues and stripes, garb from straight out of Hello Katie Girl's closet. Just check out the similarities below for yourself:

As you can see, there is a slight similarity, save for the fact that I'll take a handbag or clutch for a night out instead of opting for a chainsaw, axe or shovel. Yes, it would make an artistic statement, but no, it wouldn't be too practical.

Last week my friend sent me a link to a fashion illustrator who you can commission to do your own stylish portrait. We joked about having this done and perhaps me using it for my blog icon. Maybe I could commission Kelly Reemtsen? But what would be my tool or "weapon" of choice?


  1. Love this! What a fun artist - and what a rainbow collection of stripes you've got!

    1. I know! A very fun artist. I'd love to own one of her pieces. And yes, I think I have way too many stripes. Doing this post made me realize this!

  2. Thanks! As you can see I'm drawn to anything colorful with stripes.

  3. Thanks Dawn! What a fun idea. I'll have to give that a try but I'm horrible with computers!


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