Monday, April 28, 2014

Too Many Options

Sometimes, having too many options is a curse rather than a blessing. Yesterday would be a good example of this. Due to circumstances beyond our control, plans for the day fell through and so my husband and I were both left with much of the day free. A blank slate with so many options!

We were able to decide on one thing: to go out to lunch. But it took us about an hour to decide where to go. I guess this is what would be referred to as a "first world dilemma": the burden of where to stuff one's self for lunch. Ultimately, we decided on a Japanese BBQ place, but yet again we were confronted with so many choices as there were over a dozen different cuts of meat to choose from, different sides aplenty, and then there were combinations of sides and meats and desserts if we didn't want to go à la carte. Well, what we ended up ordering turned out to be yummy.

Getting dressed can be sort of the same thing in regard to having too many options. After over two decades of being a fashion connoisseur, I've acquired a lot of stuff. I am rediscovering many items in my wardrobe from past years, but still coveting new ones that are so tempting. When I look in my closets and am confronted with so many options, it tends to be more difficult to decide what to wear than if I just had a few items to select from. Also, I am always baffled when sometimes I get the feeling that I have nothing to wear when, if you did the math, the combinations are endless. How can that be?

I sort of planned what I wore to our impromptu BBQ feast haphazardly. There are definitely some staples that I keep returning to again and again like my Tilda blouse, which is the perfect way to jazz up any sweater in a pinch. I also find that I am wearing these silver (mirror) ballet flats all the time. I am not sure that I will wear them a decade from now, but they are perfectly on trend for this summer. Actually, I had a silver pair of silver Mary Jane flats in high school. Everyone thought they were a bit odd, but I think I rocked them back in the day. Plus, I was years ahead of my time!

I guess even though options might seem like a burden at face value, we are lucky to have so many in our lives.  Deciding such things as what to wear, where to eat, where to live might turn into a melodrama, but at least we have the choice to begin with, and that's all that counts.

Outfit Reflects all J. Crew Choices: 
Sweater: J. Crew Factory "Clare" Sweater
Shirt: J. Crew Tilda
Skirt: J. Crew Postage Stamp Mini in Scattered Dot or "optic dot"
Shoes: J. Crew Mirror Ballet Flat
Bracelet: J. Crew Stacked Stone Bracelet 
Bag: J. Crew Claremont Purse


  1. Ooooh greens go so well on you, Katie! Lovely outfit and sounds like you guys had fun. :)

    1. Thank you Laura! I am really loving this minty/bright green color for summer. The Japanese BBQ place was fun indeed. I love anyplace where I can cook my own food!


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