Tuesday, March 18, 2014

You're Two Years Old William van Winkle!

It's hard to believe it, but Colonel William van Winkle the Bard of Bardstown is two years old today! I feel like this day marks a milestone for him as he is no longer a puppy, but now officially a "man".  For those of you who don't know William, he is my beloved English Springer Spaniel who my husband and I treat very much like a child. He is a pretty "wild and crazy" guy with a lot of energy, but also a lot of heart.

Up at the park that we frequent many dog owners have told us that once a dog hits two he instantly mellows out and matures. Well, that hasn't happened yet with William, as he is still as hyper and crazy as ever, but a lot of that is due to the breed. I kind of thought when I woke up today there might magically be a change, but to no avail!

Did I mention that William is also a good dancer? Here we are doing a little birthday, belated Saint Patrick's day jig.

The pictures below might serve as evidence of William's craziness. It was impossible to get him to stand still even for a second, even with treats for the photo. In the second picture it looks as if I am strangling him, but let me assure you that no dogs were harmed in the making of the blog post.

Last of all, my fashion choices today were most definitely inspired by William. My monarch sweater from J. Crew features one of William's favorite creatures, the butterfly. Since spring has sprung, the butterflies are out in full force in our backyard and in the park. William loves to do a happy little dance and then spring after unsuspecting butterflies, all while wagging his little stumpy tail. I find this ritual to be quite endearing, but my husband says that this behavior is too girly and William should be chasing after more masculine game. In William's defense, he does chase birds a lot too. Regardless, this butterfly behavior is just one of the many things that I find to be unique about William.

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  1. Happy birthday William! And I love how you coordinated your outfit to be with what he likes - too cute!


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