Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Gems and Fossils

Usually when you think of the Fossil brand, watches or perhaps jewelry come to mind. I am partial to their charms and as proof I have a Fossil charm bracelet which is rapidly growing with enough charms for a second bracelet, maybe third bracelet brimming with their cute enameled creations. (You can see what I started on my charm bracelet here.) While I was perusing the company's website for their latest charm selection and looking for my next acquisition I came across their line of clothing, which also happened to be kind of cute.

The Hailey skirt caught my eye with its retro 70s vibe. At only $29.99 I had to throw it into my cart and give it a try along with my new batch of charms. Overall, I was pretty impressed with the quality of the skirt and felt that it made a nice addition to my wardrobe, although I certainly don't need any more pencil skirts!

Speaking of adding things to collections that are already overflowing, I also added this necklace reminiscent or should I say "inspired" by the J. Crew Gem Stack Necklace featured this Fall/Winter in their costume jewelry collection. For $7.99 on either Groopdealz or Sassysteals (you can see why I get them confused) I thought it was worth adding to my jewel box.

I wore my Fossil Hailey skirt once before, but styled it slightly differently. I feel like the outfit below really plays up the 70s feel of the pattern and color of the skirt. Plus, the garish parrot pendent also might be something that a foxy babe from the era might wear, but maybe that's a stretch!

So I am pretty enamored with Fossil for not only charms now, but also as I recently discovered their clothing. Their sale prices are especially enticing when it hits the end of the season. What new brands have you discovered lately?

Outfit One: Fossil Hailey Skirt (on sale here), Dana Buchman/Kohl's Shirt, J. Crew Cashmere Sweater, J. Crew CeCe Ballet Flats, Gem Stack Necklace from Sassysteals

Outfit Two: Fossil Hailey Skirt, Merona/Target Sweater,  J. Crew Parrot Necklace, Pink Studio Shoes, Merona/Target Belt


  1. Well... since I am banned... I am trying to stay away from items. I did see a lovely J Crewish sweatshirt at Forever 21 but am trying to hold off until after Lent. :)

    You always look so good in brighter colors!

    1. Sounds like you are doing a great job abstaining from shopping for Lent Laura!

  2. Ooh, I adore that skirt! I've never ordered anything clothing-wise from Fossil before - how did you find the sizing?

    1. I find the sizing of Fossil, at least based on the one item I own, TTS. J. Crew always runs big in my opinion, whereas this seems more true to my normal size.


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