Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Iced Lilac

Iced lilac sounds like some drink you might buy from Starbucks. I actually don't drink coffee, but I am quite familiar with all of their high falutin sounding names for drinks. It's a shame that I don't like coffee because I have about a billion (that's a hyperbole) gift cards from Starbucks which were bestowed upon me from Christmas. I always find a way to use them though, as they have some tasty snacks and iced tea.

Anyway, these Collection Cafe Capri pants from J. Crew are in the "Iced Lilac Paisley" print which came out this Fall/Winter season from J. Crew. The "collection" capri pants from J. Crew tend to be very loud and outlandish, some even looking like wallpaper or gift wrap, but despite this I find them to be a fun way to make a statement, and have I mentioned that they are super comfy? I have this pair and a hummingbird print pair from last spring and even though they are dressy pants they feel like you are in your pajamas all day. For sizing reference I took my usual size 2 in these. Although my Cafe Capri pant collection includes 2 and 0 because they never seem to fit exactly the same.

Just on a side note, as a continuation from my last weeks post, "Stuff My Husband Picked Out", as I was typing this my husband asked, "How's it going Liberace?" I guess the pants remind me of coffee and to my husband the ensemble reminds him of the late and very flamboyant Vegas entertainer, Liberace. Go figure! (As another digression, I'm sad we never got to see the Liberace museum in Las Vegas; it closed and once we drove right by it when it was open. I could have worn these pants!)

Pants: J.Crew Collection Cafe Capri pants in "Iced Lilac Paisley" (here)
Sweater: Romeo and Juliet 
Shoes: J. Crew Valentina Pump in "Mirror" (similar here)
Necklace: Groopdealz 
Leopard Clutch: Claire Vivier (here)


  1. Ooh, beautiful color combo! And I loooooove that clutch!

    1. Thank you Lisa! I really love all of the dark berry colors that were the rage this fall.

  2. Your husband should write a commentary on fashion as a side job. ;)
    I love the purples here Katie!

    1. Maybe my husband should start his own blog with commentary on fashion? :)


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