Friday, December 27, 2013

Underneath the Tree, Next to Some Casks

I guess I was a good girl this year because Santa, along with myself, brought me everything I wanted. One thing that was on my list this year was a leopard clutch from Clare Vivier. I always wanted a leopard clutch but never found just the right one. I found this one which is made right here in Los Angeles.  Buying things that are made in America is a "cause" that I like to support when I can. Another great handbag maker, Lauren Merkin, also manufactures her clutches in America, but across the country in New York. I like supporting these manufactures as much as I can, so I was happy to shell out a little extra dough for their quality work as opposed to a similar product made in China.

These pictures were taken before the holidays. My husband and I went to a local vineyard (hence the casks) and did some wine tasting. I also purchased this jeweled stripe top before the holidays at J.Crew. It is much lovelier in person in my opinion with the decorative embellishments on the front. I think one of my New Years resolutions is to not buy any more striped items and to not buy anymore embellished items. I clearly have enough!

So for those of you who celebrate the holidays, what did Santa leave under the tree for you? Or perhaps a better question might be, what did you buy for yourself? I actually think that William made out better than anyone, as he had quite a few new dog treats to open for Christmas!

Top: J. Crew Embelished Striped Tee (here)
Skirt: LOFT Leather Skirt (similar here)
Boots: CL Cate Boots
Clutch: Clare Vivier Leopard Fold Over Clutch (here)


  1. Good luck with your resolution on not buying any striped items! ;) I've got a weakness for them, so I totally know how that feels when you open your closet and er, oh.. a section is stripes! I suppose I have been fairly good myself since Santa brought me new camera lens and another Hermes leather bracelet to add to my collection. Also, I bought two Chanel brooches for myself. Still deciding on which to keep though.

    1. I already broke this resolution... even before 2014!

      You sound like you received some wonderful gifts. I can't wait to see the brooches and bracelet on your blog!


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