Friday, November 29, 2013


Originally when I started this blog I thought it would be a mix of fashion and cooking, however I realized that when I cook I am seldom in the mood, nor do I have time for documenting the process on film. Timing is everything when it comes to cooking and taking a bunch of pictures isn't always convenient. Yesterday I intended to document my Thanksgiving meal which I made entirely from scratch, but this never came to be. It was hard enough to keep prying in-laws out of the kitchen, let alone to take pictures while cooking about eight things at once. To add to the mess, when my husband pulled out the turkey from the oven, some of the turkey drippings spilled all over the floor making for a slippery situation. It's too bad that William wasn't around because he would have had a field day with the drippings! Alas, amongst the chaos there was no time for a perfect picture of my roast turkey.

So instead of recapping the meal, which was quite yummy, here are a few pictures of what I wore for Thanksgiving. The dress is from Anthropologie and it goes back a few years but I love the fact that it looks like two separate pieces even though it is one dress. The belt is from Nordstrom and I thought its cranberry color would be a perfect match with the cranberry sauce I made for the meal.

So I didn't really do any Black Friday shopping on the actual day. After all the turkey and hassle of yesterday it was nice to just sleep in on a rainy morning, however but I did make a few purchases the day before. It seems like this year Black Friday wasn't just a day, but an entire week with most retailers. Pretty soon it will be a month starting in October.  Below you will see some of my most recent "near" Black Friday acquisitions:

1. Michael Kors Leather Moto Jacket (A Nordstrom Rack find)
2. J. Crew Garnet Flame Shirt 
3. J. Crew Ratti Geo Print Shirt
4. H&M embellished sweatshirt (reg. $49.95, but I payed $12.95!)

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  1. Love the color of that leather jacket, Katie! And boy, you are much more fashionable than I was on Thanksgiving - hope it was a great day!


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