Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ironing Out the Details

Although I enjoy shopping online, I don't enjoy the aftermath of receiving an item of clothing that has been folded over and over and then stuffed into a tiny envelope. The wrinkles can haunt you forever and some creases never seem to quite come out. This was the case with the J. Crew Factory Stretch Wool Peplum dress. I can't complain too much about the wrinkles, though, as this dress came out to be around $40 after J. Crew granted me a price adjustment. I think I was able to get most of the pesky creases out with some careful ironing.

In regards to other happenings, we are also ironing out some of the details of getting our belongings back after a break-in last month. I am happy to report that the majority of our stolen items were recovered. Over the last two days, now that the investigation is over, we have been claiming them from the police. The only exception is my beloved Prada Car clutch which was sold by the thief to an online luxury bag company and then bought immediately by a customer of the website. (This customer apparently had great taste!) I am working to get my clutch back, but in the meantime I am just thankful for all that was returned. Although not everything was returned in perfect condition, as with the dress, I can't complain! 

Dress: J. Crew Factory Stretch Peplum in Red Chili here
Shirt: J. Crew Boy Shirt in Snowcat 
Shoes: J. Crew Ballet Flats
Bracelet: J. Crew Factory Hexagon Bracelet here
Bow Necklace: Forever 21


  1. Katie!! I'm so glad that you are getting most of your things back! I hope you get your car clutch back, and in the meantime your outfit here is just lovely.

    1. Thanks Laura! I am also so happy that it worked out so well, all things considered.

  2. I'm glad you're getting most of your stuff back - good luck with the clutch! I'm 50/50 about the packaging for online orders because they're often inconsistent (I guess it depends if am item comes from the warehouse or store) - I recently placed an order from Anthro and received two of the items nicely packaged in tissue and in a box, then got my other items pretty much balled up then stuffed into a plastic baggy.

    1. I find Anthro to be the worst. I have had plenty of experiences with their stuff balled up in a tiny bag or box as you stated. I feel like for what Anthro charges for shipping they could strive to do better!


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