Friday, June 14, 2013

When the Working Day Is Done...

Girls, they wanna have fun!

Yesterday marked the end of not only the workday/workweek for me, but work period. Well not indefinitely, but it is officially the beginning of my summer vacation. Thank goodness! Honestly, it hasn't hit me yet. When the alarm didn't go off at 5:30am this morning and I realized I would have over two months of blissful sleep, it was somewhat of a surreal moment.

Last night to celebrate I went to a concert at the Greek Theater. I think the title of my post and this snippet of my totally 80s inspired outfit should be dead giveaways in regards to who I saw.

If you guessed Cyndi Lauper, you would be correct. I was too young to appreciate 80s music as it was happening, but for some reason I love the music now (and a bit of the fashion). I found tickets for the Cyndi Lauper concert for only $12.50 on Groupon, so my husband (who oddly loves 80s music too) and I had to go. (The ticket price was quite the bargain considering the beer I bought at the concert also cost exactly $12.50.) For those of you who are Cyndi Lauper fans, she played her entire She's So Unusual album with amusing anecdotes about her life and the making of the recording. Oh, and for some reason Fran Drescher of The Nanny was also there, go figure.

I decided that nothing says the 80s quite like a purse that looks like a piano, or since it's the 80s let's just say an electric keyboard. This wasn't the most practical of choices for a concert, but it did garner lots of compliments from other Cyndi fans.

I thought this dress, purchased last year at Target, when paired with a denim jacket was a good look for Cyndi. It's probably not something I would normally wear, but I thought it was appropriate given the circumstances. The faux pearls from the J. Crew factory outlet added just the amount of 80s flair needed.  Unfortunately, it was very cold at the Greek Theater (There's that practicality thing again) so I was dancing to keep warm.


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