Tuesday, April 30, 2013

When Stripes Met Floral

The best way to describe today's outfit would be business on top and a party on the bottom, much like a mullet, but way classier. The blue stripes from my Thomas Mason for J. Crew shirt are the business part of the equation. (My husband informed me that this type of stripe is known as "Bengal stripe" in the world of menswear.) The party clearly refers to the festive floral pattern on my J. Crew Factory pencil skirt. I feel like the two disparate worlds come together in just the right amount of fun, yet sophistication needed for a workweek ensemble.

On a side note, for those of you contemplating splurging for the Thomas Mason shirts from J. Crew, I definitely have mixed reviews. On the one hand it is a great shirt and well made, however for the price it really isn't anything special. The shirt I am wearing today retails for $150.00 (I paid a fraction of that) which is quite steep given the fact that I don't see any discernible differences between it and the material of  J. Crew's regular dress shirts. I will have to say that the tailoring and fit does seem a little better, though. I guess they figure piggy backing off of the name of "Thomas Mason" makes it appear to have an air of British sophistication, so that justifies doubling the price. Well, that's just my two cents.


  1. Hi Katie! I came cross your blog when trying to find reviews for the Jcrew x Thomas Mason shirts. Now that you've had them for a while, how would you say they're holding up? Would you recommend getting them if they're on sale? I have a few boy shirts (Jcrew) but they look worn after 6 months of wear. Thanks! Great blog, btw!

    1. I only have two of the Thomas Mason shirts, but so far I haven't had any issues with them. I dry clean as opposed to washing these types of shirts, so I am not sure about how they wash up. To be honest, I don't know if I notice a huge quality difference between the Thomas Mason shirts and J. Crew's "regular" dress shirts. I buy mine when they are pretty deeply discounted. They are definitely not worth the steep retail price, but if on sale and a style you like then I would recommend them. I hope this helps a little!


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