Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bahooka or Bust

Some things just aren't meant to be. This week the famous Bahooka Lounge is closing its doors. I first went to this restaurant with my husband to celebrate our anniversary this summer. It was such a great experience that I hoped to frequent the restaurant for years to come, after all who can resist flaming salad bowls full of Mai Tais? Unfortunately the owners decided to sell the business, seemingly for a steal since it sold in less than a day, and as of Sunday it will be closed forever.

My husband and I wanted to say our goodbyes to the establishment, but fate had other plans. We tried to go last Sunday and it was packed with a line coming out the door, so we resolved to go on a weekday around 3:00 when it would not be too crowded. Yesterday was our chosen day, and we arrived only to find that they put out a makeshift sign explaining that they were closed (for no apparent reason). Then we went today and the wait was about 2 hours. I guess if I was a diehard Bahooka fan I would have waited, but due to a splitting heading (which I was hoping to obliterate with a Mai Tai) and the craziness of the parking lot, we decided to split.

I did take some pictures of the outside of the Bahooka. You can see some other pictures here from a previous post, including a picture of the famous Rufus, the carrot eating fish who appeared in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I am also including the outfit that I wore today which is comprised of the J. Crew Heart Tippi sweater and my favorite gingham button down. This is my go to comfort outfit for cloudy days such as today and drinking tropical drinks, which I guess wasn't meant to be!


  1. flaming bowls of maitais you say... sounds like our bamboo hut!
    hopefully you can take some happy memories away from the place (it sounds like you already have) and keep hunting for those flaming maitais elsewhere.
    such a great outfit - i really like the heart sweater with the gingham.

    1. The Bamboo Hut sounds incredible! We will be searching for maitai drinks elsewhere, but I will really miss the hundreds of fish tanks at the Bahooka!


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