Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Pitter "Pattern" of My Heart

Happy Valentine's Day! Nothing makes my heart pitter patter more than an amazing heart print pattern. There was a time when the heart print was perhaps a little too girly and cute for me, but now I fully embrace its charm. In today's blog entry I am featuring not only my collection of heart print fabrics (see photo below), but also another thing that makes my heart skip a beat...great deals! The dress I am wearing today in honor of Valentine's day is from Old Navy ( the crepe dress in heart print) and only cost $19. The wool blazer is from Thom Browne and was part of the Neiman Marcus Target collaboration. After the holidays it was reduced to a mere $29. My heart link necklace, from Forever 21, was $5.99. Together these pieces make an outfit that anyone can fall in love with on a budget.

I have to be honest that the only real thing that makes my heart pitter patter is my husband and second to him is my William. Right now my husband is concocting some pasta dish for Valentine's Day. Since I do all of the cooking he thought it would be fun to give it a try, so we will see how it turns out. Last time he cooked for me I ended up doing most of it because he is pretty clueless in the kitchen. I am also making dessert and I will feature the results of our endeavors tomorrow. Unless the kitchen catches on fire from my husband's cooking!

Below is a collage of my heart print patterned clothing. I liked the way they all came together as one in this photo. The last picture is a lobster tote from Old Navy. As you can see it features hearts too because everyone loves lobsters. Also I heard that lobsters mate for life, so they're a pretty romantic crustacean!

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