Friday, February 22, 2013

Pastel Polka Peter Pan Petals

It's alliterative! Again, another word collage in the title of this entry which may seem surreal at first blush, but upon closer inspection comes into clarity. Let me explain. The cardigan is a pastel. The blouse is comprised of teal polka dots against a navy background. The collar of the blouse is in the classic peter-pan style hearkening back to the 50s and 60s. Last, but not least, the necklace is dubbed the "Pearls and Petals" necklace by J. Crew.

Stepping out the door I wasn't so sure about the color combination and neither was my husband. Although after a while I felt that I made a good choice in the pairing of these pieces. I like to look back through the J. Crew catalogs (I mean "style guides") for inspiration. I stumbled upon this combination of mustard and a sort of robin's egg pastel blue. While it wasn't a combination I would instinctively gravitate to, it seemed to make sense.  Sometimes the unexpected can be jarring although equally beautiful in its own right.

Outfit: Sweater: H&M, Blouse: Forever 21 here, Skirt: J. Crew no. 2 Pencil in double serge wool, Shoes: J. Crew CeCe Ballet Flat, Necklace: J. Crew Petals and Pearls


  1. Arg ive wanted that necklace for so long! But thanks for the color palette inspiration - I love this look!

  2. Thanks! I purchased the necklace months ago during all of the 30% off promos during the holidays. It came out to be in the $30 range which I think was pretty reasonable.

  3. I like the color combo! I think it worked well. Btw, such a beautiful necklace and for $30 ish, that's a great deal. :)

    1. Thanks for confirming the color combo! I never know if I can trust my gut instinct or not!


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