Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween and Pet Costumes!

Happy Halloween! Halloween is probably my favorite holiday, although I love all holidays. There are certain traditions and rituals that I preform every single Halloween. For example, carving a pumpkin. I am probably too old for this tradition, but it brings out the kid in me. I'll be 100 years old and still carving pumpkins!

One other ritual, and this one is my favorite, is the opportunity to dress my beloved pets in embarrassing costumes. What is cuter than a dog in a costume? Especially a Springer Spaniel in a costume! Since this was William's first Halloween with us, we had to introduce him to the pet costume tradition in style. I picked these costumes because they compliment his personality at this stage in his life. First, the devil outfit.  He is certainly a little devil, (but what puppy isn't) wreaking havoc on everything. Second, the "jaws" costume. William is in the biting stage, and it's like having a little shark around most of the time. Just look at his ferocious teeth in the one picture! As you can see, William really enjoyed dressing up. If only he could go trick-or-treating for dog biscuits!

 William's Outifts
Devil Costume: 99 cent only store: Shark Costume: Target


  1. How cute - and well behaved to sit for these is he!

    1. Many treats were involved in the making of these photos! Plus there were a lot of blurry "action shots," which needed to be discarded!


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