Thursday, October 4, 2012

Double Dipping Dots

If dots are so great, then naturally double dots are twice the fun! In an effort on my behalf to play with patterns and "experiment" a bit more with fashion I am doubling down on the polka dots. Normally I would have never thought to do this. Surprisingly my husband suggested wearing these shoes this morning with my outfit. At first I thought it might be a little crazy to pair dots together, and then I realized the shear genius of the suggestion. Perhaps my husband knows more about fashion then I previously thought! Perhaps he is reading my Vogues behind my back?

The shirt which is from H&M is not your "traditional" polka dot pattern, more like random scattered dots. This top was only $14.95 this summer at H&M, a great deal. The shoes are the Kate Spade "Scene" in black and white/cream dots. If you read my blog, you'll remember that I have these shoes with cream with black dots too.  Another example of how you can never have too many dots!

To complete the look I am wearing capri pants from Target, part of my large acquisition of pants in bright, electric colors. The belt is from J. Crew. I picked this belt up (made in the U.S.A) for about $6 at J. Crew. It is actually my most loved and worn belt!

The above is a random picture of our backyard. I like how the buganvilla matched my belt which is why I stuck this photo into my post.  Enjoy!

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